PO Tea Mug丨PO 盈茶杯
PO Tea Mug丨PO 盈茶杯
PO Tea Mug丨PO 盈茶杯
PO Tea Mug丨PO 盈茶杯

PO Tea Mug丨PO 盈茶杯






1/ 獨特設計杯蓋組同時是茶包濾壓器
2/ 將茶包提起扣在杯蓋組內, 避免過度沖泡
3/ 可放心把想再次沖泡的茶泡存放在茶包濾壓器內


Without complication, tea bags always make it easy for people to enjoy the tea. But no matter how careful you are, the aroma of the tea is always difficult to adjust to its best - it is either too strong, or the last essence in the tea bag cannot be enjoyed. This is when the PO Tea Mug comes to your rescue. PO Tea Mug can easily bring out the best fragrant in the tea. All you need is a PO Tea Mug!


Just like PO: For every design, all the small troubles in life, we will carefully design solutions for you to improve the quality of life from the details.

Tea's richness is adjustable: PO Tea Mug has a unique sealed silicone lid and intimate saucer to make the tea thick or light. Tea drinkers who prefer a light tea fragrance can pull the tea bag from the water to the saucer at the right time to avoid over brewing, and the tea bag can be used to brew the next cup of fragrant light tea; lightly press the lid of the cup to put the teabag. Squeeze the essence in the water into the water and enjoy the richness.


Features and advantages:

1/ The uniquely designed lid is also a tea bag filter

2/ Lift the teabag into the lid to avoid over brewing

3/ You can safely store the tea you want to brew again in the teabag filter