Cold Brew Tea: Your Healthy Thirst Quencher

The tail of summer doesn’t mean getting any cooler. Even a few minutes walk on the street make us sweat a lot. Cold brew tea is the perfect thirst quencher to combat the hotness as well as cooling down your mind with zero calories! But why cold brew tea? How does it differ from hot brewed tea with ice? What types of tea are better to make cold brew?


Cold brew tea means steeping the tea leaves with room temperature or cold water. After the tea leaves absorb enough water, the tea essence slowly diffuses. Such a gentle process with lower temperate takes at least several hours (we recommend six hours or above). Compared with hot brew tea, cold brew tea is less astringent and sweeter, which is milder for more sensitive people.


So can we use any kind of tea to make cold brew? General speaking, you can make cold brew out of all the teas in your cupboard. However some types of tea just give more special and extraordinary tastes when cold brewed:


Phoenix Oolong: our signature bestseller cold brew tea. Just a sip of this legendary Oolong can scent your whole palate. The most interesting fragrance is its natural peach flavour which is purely natural due to the oolong fermentation! This tea is smooth like silk, and has lingering peach, apricot and honey notes. Understand more


Houjicha Autumn Moon: Cold Brew Houjicha can soothe its roasted ”hotness”, make it more approachable and sweeter. This low caffeine cold brew is perfect for a low appetite summer afternoon! Understand more

Gyokuro: It has a more subtle and “Shy” character than its hot brewed sister. It is more refreshing and light as cloud. You can even put gyokuro tea leaves on ice chips and let the melting ice to “brew” the gyokuro, making even sweeter and more fragrant Ice Drip Gyokuro!

Sencha: Crispy and refreshing like mountain breeze. Excellent for cooling and anti-inflammatory in summer. Cold brew sencha has more layers and aftertaste, and can awaken your senses! 


How to Make Cold Brew Then?

For homemade cold brew, you can use 1:100 ratio of tea:water. Say five grams of tea leaves in a 500ml water bottle and put it in the fridge for several hours. For ball-shaped tea leaves such as Iron Buddha Oolong, the steeping time can be extended.


Try making some cold brew tea with our artisanal tea leaves this summer! \