Moisturising and Cooling Tea for Autumn! 🌕 🌾 🍵

The summer heat has not gone yet, but the autumn is just around the corner. Although the temperature is still high, the coolness of autumn will be felt sooner or later.
Our bodies and tastes will also change according to the seasons. And so does our appetite will naturally change. The following article will introduce you to the types of tea that are suitable for autumn.
When the weather is still hot, but the humidity in the air drops suddenly, we often feel thirsty, dry internally. We'd better drink some cooler and anti-inflammatory tea to cool down and refresh our body.
White tea is one of the most suitable teas in autumn, and white peony is higher quality white tea.
White tea is a kind of lightly fermented tea. The tea color is light apricot to dark amber. It has a fresh taste and is rich in anti-inflammatory nutrients, making it an excellent drink for reducing heat and inflammation.
Some people like to drink white tea because it is produced in a more "natural" production way. How is it different from other tea production methods? Well, it may not be completely correct to say that it is all natural. The production process of white tea also involves manual steps, but the uniqueness of white tea lies in its drying method. Usually fresh tea leaves need to be cooked by steaming or stir-frying, such as green tea, but white tea is only exposed to natural sunlight or air-dried. You can imagine the bamboo trays of tea farmers filled with white tea leaves in the sun, blowing the natural mountain breeze. This is why white tea is considered "cleaner" and this method can retain the most natural taste of tea!
Green Ginkgo Tea has white peony loose tea and tea bags for purchase.
In addition autumn is a season for feasts! You will inevitably overeat, causing digestive issues, or absorbing too many calories! In this case, houjicha (roasted green tea) is the tea for you! The crystal clear amber tea color is golden and it is made by roasting method, bringing out the sweet flavor of tea, rich fragrance, with silky roasting caramel fragrance, and not bitter after long soaking. Lightly roasted to make the taste more elegant and soft, leaving the palaette fragrant, and the aftertaste lingers.
We also offer light-roasted houjicha Amber, which has low caffeine and helps remove greasiness. It is suitable for most people to drink after meals or at night. There are two types of roasted tea in Green Ginkgo Tea: Light-roasted Houjciah Amber (light roasted) and Houjicha Autumn Moon (dark roasted). In addition, there are also houjicha tea bags, which are convenient for drinking in the office!