The Most “Natural” Type of Tea: White Tea?

You have probably heard that white tea is also packed with abundant nutrients. Meanwhile green tea is also considered to be a superfood in the tea family. So what are their differences and why is white tea so highly regarded?


White tea is a lightly fermented tea with light apricot to deep amber color. It is sweet and refreshing. It has been widely consumed in Hong Kong but not so popular in recent few decades in China. Now the trend is changing, white tea is getting the spotlight in Chinese tea market. The price of white tea has been stagnant for years but now people discovered that old white tea does not just have better taste but even thereapeutic effect. In Chinese saying, white tea is “One year it is tea; three years it is medicine; seven years it is

treasure!” It is said that in classic Chinese medicine book, vintaged white tea can be a kind of medicine which has tremendous anti-inflammatory effect.


Regardless of its medicinal effect, white tea indeed has abundant anti-inflammatory nutrients, making it an excellent drink for cooling down in hot summer days or when you are having sore throat.


And some people like drinking white tea because of its “natural” production method. How does it differ from other tea production? Well, saying it is natural is not exactly correct. it also involves manual labor to process. But what makes white tea distinct is its drying/cooking method. In general, fresh tea leaves are cooked by steaming or frying method (as in green tea). White tea is only “cooked“ and dried by natural sunlight and wind! So you can imagine tea farmers putting trays of white tea leaves under sunlight with natural breeze blowing on it. And that’s why it is considered to be “cleaner” and can preserve the most authentic and natural taste of tea, what the nature intends the tea to be!


Next time when you are having white tea, imagine how the natural sunlight and gentle mountain breeze pampering the tea leaves and your taste buds! Of course it is good for your health too!